9 kilómetros

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A boy leaves his home at dawn. As he counts his steps, he walks through myrtle forests, across vast pastures and across mighty rivers. Where does this long journey take him?
Every day, millions of children around the world go to school in their cities or towns. But thousands more must travel long distances across jungles, rivers, hills and plains in order to study. This exciting book is a tribute to their daily effort, their desire to learn and their right to education. Mas Detalles

Somos animales humanos

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Tens of thousands of years ago, humans lived as part of nature. We made everything we owned, hunted or gathered our own food, and were guided by the stars in the sky…
A captivating look at our place in the world from prehistoric times to the present day. Mas Detalles

La giganta

A girl lives on an island with her father, who is a knight. When one day he leaves to confront a giantess and does not return, it’s the girl who must go to rescue him. A classic yet contemporary story. Mas Detalles


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Meet the accident-prone T-Rex. First he loses his glasses, then he has one disaster after another: he can’t tell his breakfast toast from a slipper, then he mistakes a prehistoric owl for his bath towel! A laugh-out-loud tale from legendary picture book duo Willis and Ross. Mas Detalles

Dentro de casa

First it was a mosquito… He somehow got inside, so the kid opened the door. But then, two spiders came in. And then, three pigeons. Four hares, five bats, six sheep… When is it ever going to end!? A funny cumulative story for the laughs of all readers. Mas Detalles