El rey cerdo

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Once upon a time there lived a King who absolutely adored eating pork, so the Queen often worried: «My dear, if you keep like this, you might become a pig yourself!». Just outside, a little piglet was rebelling to his fate: «What … Mas Detalles

En la verde colina

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«Over the green hill there was a hen. What was on the green hill? A hen. Over the green hill there was a turkey. What was on the green hill? A turkey and a hen…».
All characters want to go up the green hill. But what’s going on up there? A colorful accumulative story to repeat once and again. Mas Detalles

La mejor jugada de Madani

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Do you know Madani? His arrival to the neighborhood has brought the best soccer anyone has ever seen. He’s really easy to spot: the only kid playing without shoes… Mas Detalles

¡Qué animales!

Tomás Trompa has just started at his new school but he thinks his classmates are really weird and longs for a friend just like himself – one who isn’t scaly, or furry, or green! So he looks on the Internet and finds someone who likes all the same things as Tomás, who looks like Tomás, with a long nose and big ears. The perfect pal! But Tomás is in for a big surprise when he finally meets his best friend. Mas Detalles

Cajita de fósforos

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This beautifully crafted first-time-ever anthology gathers 100 years of non rhyming poetry in Iberoamerica with 36 poets such as Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriela Mistral and new bright voices like María José Ferrada. A book not to miss. Mas Detalles