Dentro de casa

First it was a mosquito… He somehow got inside, so the kid opened the door. But then, two spiders came in. And then, three pigeons. Four hares, five bats, six sheep… When is it ever going to end!? A funny cumulative story for the laughs of all readers. Mas Detalles

La noche de la huida

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She runs away, hiding in the forest. She’s afraid. She desperately needs a shelter. She cannot go back. And then she finds a light: it’s a tiny house, with tiny seven beds… A timeless picture book of a running girl. A journey filled with echoes from ancient fairy tales to contemporary issues. Mas Detalles

Mucho mucho

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Everybody wants to squeeze the baby, Everybody wants to kiss the baby, Everybody loves the baby… So Much! Mas Detalles

El árbol de la vida: Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was, above all else, an independent thinker who continues even now to influence the way we look at the natural world. His endless curiosity and passion for detail resulted in a wealth of notebooks, diaries, correspondence, and published writings that Peter Sís transforms into a visual treasure trove. A multilayered journey through Darwin’s world, The Tree of Life begins with his childhood and traces the arc of his life through university and career, following him around the globe on the voyage of the Beagle, and home to a quiet but momentous life devoted to science and family. Sís uses his own singular vision to create a gloriously detailed panorama of a genius’s trajectory through investigating and understanding the mysteries of nature. In pictures executed in fine pen and ink and lush watercolors – cameo portraits, illustrated pages of diary, cutaway views of the Beagle, as well as charts, maps, and a gatefold spread – Peter Sís has shaped a wondrous introduction to Charles Darwin. This title has Common Core connections. Mas Detalles

Yo puedo (boardbook)

An older brother is capable of doing many things all by himself: he can swim, paint, get dressed and climb into bed without any help. His little sister tries to prove that she can do everything almost as well as her brother can. This delightful picture book presents some of the nicest things about having a little sister. Mas Detalles