Mamá adivina

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Have you ever wondered how certain moms are able to find all lost objects? They seem to have super powers that help them find balls, marbles and even awfully-tasting medicines. At least Enrique’s is the kind of mom that can find everything… or lets say, almost everything: is she a clairvoyant? Mas Detalles

Las visitas de Nani

She is my Nani and I am her Kari. Karishma Chugani explains through beautiful miniatures the story of her grandmother Nani: a great traveller, pastry chef, and above all, a magical woman. The saga of this Sindh originated family is the backdrop that brings us to the experiences of migration as a consequence of political conflicts. At the end of each chapter there’s a small recipe of Nani’s best culinary secrets. Mas Detalles

Diez cerditos luneros

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“When the full moon blooms bright and fills up the night, curious piglets are dazed by the sight”. Ten very lunky little pigs roam the dark night. After singing, swimming and dancing, the moon hides and everything remains in darkness… Everyone holds their breath! A nocturnal adventure told in verse to laugh and read aloud at bedtime. Mas Detalles


While his friends go to a costume party dressed as pirates, Peter disguises himself as his hero: Robinson Crusoe. The others make fun of him, and he leaves. That night, Peter has a dream that will lead him to a different adventure. Mas Detalles


A trip around the block can be like a trip around the world. Madlenka’s tooth is going to fall out and as she spreads the news, she greets her neighbors who come from all over the globe. A contemporary classic. Mas Detalles