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Gabriel has just arrived to a new country and he already has tons of problems: words are very different, he has a couple of archenemies at school, and what’s worst, his math teacher is an alien who is planning an Earth invasion. Unfortunately, Gabriel’s parents don’t seem too convinced of this, even when he’s an expert on these matters. A hilarious book spiked with comic stripes, humor and some odd superpowers. Mas Detalles

Guachipira va de viaje

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One morning, Guachipira’s bird family acts as strange as it can get, and the cure is nowhere to be found. She has never left home before but to
get things back to normal she sets off on a brave journey to find healing flowers. Thing is, these flowers are often distant and hidden… Mas Detalles

Cuéntame del 1 al 10

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A beautiful counting book using animals taken from the Ye’kuana’s traditional basketmaking. At the end, there’s a small dictionary with Ye’kuana words for each animal and number: one jaguar, two snakes… Mas Detalles

Papá Oso

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“Dad, ¿what does a bear do?”. A simple daily routine tells the bond between an unusual father and his child through
simple shared actions: take a bath, eat, play, walk and, when they’re tired, go to sleep. Mas Detalles

El jardín mágico

Cloe lives in a magic garden, but she doesn’t know it. Incredible things happen there all the time: caterpillars becoming butterflies, insects changing their colors to hide, and birds knitting their nests without any training. Every corner of this garden reflect the always surprising marvels of nature and observing the environment. Mas Detalles