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A boardbook to start discovering and naming the world that, piece by piece, reveals itself to small children. What’s in the garden, what’s in the sea, what flies. The readers will easily recognize the shapes and words for each object, plant or animal. Mas Detalles

Diez pájaros en mi ventana

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This illustrated book gathers alexandrine verses, haikus, calligrams and other forms of poetry. Carefully selected, these poems celebrate nature and are wonderfully joined by Echenique’s powerful illustrations. Mas Detalles

¿Qué está pasando allá arriba?

A bold pig starts jumping just like three neighbor frogs. Enraged, they decide to teach the little pig a lesson. «Jump
high!» the first frog says. «Jump higher!» goes the second one. «Now higher!» says the third one. But then, the pig
disappears. Where could he be? Mas Detalles

Búho en casa

Owl is very sensitive and kind. He would ask Winter to come in and warm up by the fire. He would not argue over a bed for the night with two suspicious bumps lying by his feet. Owl likes his tear tea very much, for which he has a special recipe. Plus, he and the moon are very close friends. And who would not want to have a friend like Owl? Mas Detalles


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Opposites: big and small, up and down, day and night, a travel through the opposites of the world using Ye’kuana’s basketmaking traditional figures of animals and nature for small children. Mas Detalles