El rey cerdo

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Once upon a time there lived a King who absolutely adored eating pork, so the Queen often worried: «My dear, if you keep like this, you might become a pig yourself!». Just outside, a little piglet was rebelling to his fate: «What … Mas Detalles

En la verde colina

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«Over the green hill there was a hen. What was on the green hill? A hen. Over the green hill there was a turkey. What was on the green hill? A turkey and a hen…».
All characters want to go up the green hill. But what’s going on up there? A colorful accumulative story to repeat once and again. Mas Detalles

La mejor jugada de Madani

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Do you know Madani? His arrival to the neighborhood has brought the best soccer anyone has ever seen. He’s really easy to spot: the only kid playing without shoes… Mas Detalles

¡Qué animales!

Tomás Trompa has just started at his new school but he thinks his classmates are really weird and longs for a friend just like himself – one who isn’t scaly, or furry, or green! So he looks on the Internet and finds someone who likes all the same things as Tomás, who looks like Tomás, with a long nose and big ears. The perfect pal! But Tomás is in for a big surprise when he finally meets his best friend. Mas Detalles

Cajita de fósforos

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This beautifully crafted first-time-ever anthology gathers 100 years of non rhyming poetry in Iberoamerica with 36 poets such as Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriela Mistral and new bright voices like María José Ferrada. A book not to miss. Mas Detalles

Los distintos

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The children whose families won the war bring plenty of lunch to school: bocatas and tortilla with chorizo. Also, when they ask them what are their fathers’ jobs, they don’t have to lie or feel scared. That’s not the case for Paquito and Socorro. Peace and quiet have returned to their lives: but they’re certainly not the same as before.
Mas Detalles

Marie Curie. En el país de la ciencia

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Marie Curie’s life was as difficult as it was extraordinary. Passionate about science, she left Poland to study at the Sorbonne, and made great sacrifices for the field. Her pioneering theories on radioactivity and her discovery of the elements polonium and radium, won her both the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911, making her the first woman to achieve this recognition. This book tells the story of her childhood, her experiences and her clandestine studies and investigations; whilst also revealing her courage, tenacity and generosity. Mas Detalles

Astronautas. Bitácora de un viaje espacial

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How does a rocket launch? What are the components of a space suit? What do astronauts eat? How do they bathe? All of these questions are explored in this book by a group of friendly young astronauts. Through their journey, you will discover in detail the inside of a space station and the day to day life of an astronaut, including some of the experiments that they carry out in space! Mas Detalles

La sorpresa de Nandi (boardbook)

This Ekaré classic, which humorously and colourfully narrates the adventures of Nandi and her friend Tindi, is now also available as a board book: with rounded edges and smaller dimensions, it is perfect for little hands to explore. In the story, Nandi takes a basket of fruit to her friend Tindi, including a pineapple, a mango, a guava, a banana, an orange, and an avocado. But along the way, eight animals transform the present into an unexpected surprise… Mas Detalles

Los carpinchos

Every day is the same, there’s plenty of food, everyone knows their place. That is, until the capybaras arrive. They are many, they are big, they are different, they are here. Mas Detalles

La bandera de Amalia

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Amalia is the best seamstress in town, as everyone knows. So it’s only natural that they put her in charge of sewing the town’s flag for the upcoming festivities, but making a flag is quite a responsibility. Mas Detalles

Madre Medusa

One night when the wind blows with mighty force, two women walk at a lively pace towards Mother Medusa’s house. The great task of life begins, and after a few hours of effort, Anacarada rears her head. Mother Medusa is happy with the arrival of her daughter, she shields her with her hair, and above all, she protects her from the world. But Anacarada wants to be like all the other children. Mas Detalles