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Since its beginnings in 1978, Ediciones Ekaré’s books have been translated into more than fifteen languages from all around the world: German, Breton, Traditional and Simple Chinese, Korean, Danish, Euskera, French, Dutch, English, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Papiamento, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish.Nowadays, our books have reached readers from all continents and continue to do so.

The first book of Ediciones Ekaré to be translated to a foreign language, into Swedish, was ‘La calle es libre’ (‘Streets are free’). This book tells the story of a group of Latin American children who live in a slum in the city. After a while it became one of the most translated Venezuelan books in history.

In over 30 years of work we have received letters from all parts of the world that keep surprising us over and over again. It is our pride to present our classics and novelties meant to be translated into foreign languages every year, hoping that kids from all corners of the worlds keep enjoying our stories.