Cuentos bailables

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This illustrated music record/book is meant to be sung, told and danced to. It’s a homage to Caribbean popular music that several generations have enjoyed and is passed to the children by their once-young grandparents. It also threads eight songs into one single story, one that travels down by the river, through the jungle, to the coast and arrives into the city; and recreates a time where the vigorous beginnings of rebellious Latin music genres such as cha cha chás, charanga, merengue, guaracha and cumbia filled dance halls, hotel ballrooms and street gatherings. Mas Detalles

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La banda de Cuentos bailables

Voces y coros: Tato Ruiz Leandro, María Elena Medina y Gonzalo Grau
Flauta: Omar Acosta
Violín y cuatro: Tato Ruiz Leandro
Violonchelo: María Elena Medina
Teclados, percusión, arreglos y dirección musical: Gonzalo Grau