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Monky is loved and taken care of, but despite this he gets lost. In the forest he suffers the most unexpected and unfortunate accident a stuffed animal can go through. This book without words is told masterfully through tender illustrations in contrast with the disheartening travel of Monkie from one owner to another, to end in a lucky reunion. Mas Detalles

El barco de Camila

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Lying awake one night, Camila pretends that her bed is a boat and that she is the captain sailing to sea with all her stuffed animals on board. Her father comes to wish her good night, but Camila is too excited to fall asleep. So he lovingly lulls her to sleep with a story that captures the rhrythm of boats and waves. Mas Detalles

El castillo de dragonero

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Third book of the Dragonero series. This time Edu, the improvised dragonsitter, must travel to Wales with a little more luggage than what his father –and mostly his girlfriend- would’ve expected. Uncle Manuel once again asks his nephew to help him with his curious and sometimes wild pets that turn Edu’s life and family upside down. Told through emails that Edu and Uncle Manuel write to each other, Dragonero’s Castle will make the readers laugh at the very least. Mas Detalles

Estaba la rana

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“Estaba la rana cantando ‘Debajo del agua’, ¡AGUA!; cuando la rana se puso a cantar, vino la mosca y la hizo callar”. In this new book, illustrator Ramón París recreates a known song to the rhythm of jazz. The curtain falls, the lights go in… The show is about to begin! Mas Detalles


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Trees clean the air we breathe, offer their seeds with each fruit, are many living beings’ houses and give their shadow to everyone no matter what. Have you noticed how trees live? What they do in every season and circumstance? Trees teach us a lot of things; this poetic illustrated book discovers some of them. Mas Detalles

Filemón y Baucis

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Illustrated edition of one of the most beautiful tales in Ovid’s Metamorphosis about hospitality, love and transformation. A misterious traveler comes into town and asks for shelter. No one will open their door. Exhausted, he sees a small house between two mountains. He’s almost out of strength, but with one last effort… Mas Detalles


Ediciones Ekaré’s first book about picture books. Published in alliance with Banco del Libro and Variopinta Ediciones, this guide of specialist and researcher Sophie Van der Linden explores the multiple aspects of making illustrated books and that each time attract more readers, creators and academics. Álbum[es] offers an innovative research of the fundaments, mechanisms and evolution of picture books, analizing different examples from its beginnings to these days. Mas Detalles

Los héroes del tsunami

On an island, over the warm sand, people enjoy a nice quite morning. All over the sudden, animals get nervous and start running to the highest places of the island, but a man will need their help to save his son from a terrible tsunami. An exciting story about nature’s forces and the animals ability to hear its messages. Mas Detalles

Nico y Pato

It’s a rainy night and Nico is bored. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. “Who may be at this hour?”. Nico and Pato it’s the story of a growing friendship and an expanding family. Mas Detalles

¡Voy a jugar!

Whent Tatú, the little armadillo, comes out to play, he curls up into a ball. The hummingbird, the toucan, the tapir and the ocelot wonder what this round thing may be. When he uncurls, his friends recognize him and invite him to play. A funny story for babies about a game full of surprises. Mas Detalles

Imágenes de Cumaná

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Cumaná inhabitants have a characteristic mischief and joy that has marked historically this Venezuelan city. Although it has suffered many unfortunate events, Cumaná has risen once and again with stubborness, keeping itself as a water city between the sea and the river, its fishers and its swimmers, and their beautiful anecdotes from the times of the Guaiqueríes tribe until these days. Mas Detalles

El Sol, la Luna y el Agua

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Long, long ago, when animals used to talk, the Sun and the Moon lived on earth. Their best friend was Water and they used to play together in her house everyday. But Water never went to the Sun and the Moon’s house. Until one day she came to visit… A well-known Nigerian folktale in a version which includes short verses that can be sung. Ángeles Vargas vivid illustrations give life to these strong and compelling characters. Mas Detalles