Conoce los peces tropicales

Did you know that mantas rays make deadly leaps out of water? It is true that frogfishes use a fishing rod? It is the whale shark the largest fish in the world? Why are divers scared of barracudas? It is true that the male seahorse incubates his own eggs? This book includes scientific and curious information in 47 delightful images to color. An introduction to preserve the most emblematic species of sea and river fishes. Mas Detalles

Conoce las aves tropicales

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Did you know that orioles “refurbish” abandoned old nests to live in them? It is true that flamingos sleep on their feet? How nightjars trick their predators? Can great kiskadees frighten away falcons? Why are red siskins in danger of extinction? This book includes scientific and curious information in 47 delightful images of birds to color. An introduction to wildlife conservation. Mas Detalles

Cuentos a patadas

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A school soccer championship can resemble a World Cup. You can ask David all about it: he has been selected as the team’s first player. Games keep getting more and more difficult and David gets to learn, after each play, the great lessons of soccer history: Zidane’s headbutt, Balotelli’s life… A book with a lot of kicks for those who enjoy soccer, anecdotes and humor. Mas Detalles

Lo que cuentan las estatuas del mundo

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The sphinx at Gizeh, Athens’ Caryatids, a dragon in Beijing’s Forbidden City or the statue of Liberty are monuments that have quietly witnessed the history’s course of events. But, what would happen if these timeless witnesses could speak? What would they tell us? In these exciting tales the statues have the floor. Mas Detalles

Dragonero despega

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“Dear Uncle Morton, Ziggy won’t move from the linen cupboard. He still hasn’t eaten a thing. Not even a Malteser. I’m really quite worried about him”. Eddie thought that this time dragonsitting would be easy – until Ziggy disappeared, only to be found in the linen cupboard, refusing to budge. But moving Ziggy is the last thing on Eddie’s mind when he learns that his uncle’s dragon has been keeping a big secret… Mas Detalles


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“Dear Uncle Morton: You’d better get on a plane right now and come back here. Your dragon has eaten Jemima. Emily loved that rabbit!” It sounded so easy: Edward was going to look after Uncle Morton’s unusual pet for a week while he was on holiday. But soon the fridge was empty, the curtains were blazing, and the postman was fleeing down the garden path. Mas Detalles

Al sur de la Alameda

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A small school is occupied by a group of students and since then everything seems different: the classrooms, the playground and even the students. Among them is Nicolás -the best goalkeeper of the soccer team- who writes the experience in his journal. This attractive illustrated novel takes place during the quivering starts of the Penguin Revolution: the Chilean students’ protests. Mas Detalles

Sofía viaja a la Antártida

It’s Sofia’s first trip to the Mawson Station in the Antarctic. Along with her father and the Aurora Australi’s crew, Sofia will discover a wonderful world full of penguins, whales, icebergs and northern lights. This book involves real facts and fiction, because it’s narrated as a diary. This story invites you to discover one of the most beautiful places in the world. Mas Detalles

Escarabajo en compañía

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Beetle and his friends are having a great time: they push a giant ball up the mountain, they look for centipede’s shoe and they prepare a very special party. These friends get bored sometimes (like any other bug), but with this kind of friends, even getting bored is fun. A Pep Bruno’s tribute to Arnold Lobel, illustrated by Rocío Martínez with details and winks that kids will love. Mas Detalles

Arepita de manteca

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“Arepita de manteca pa’ mamá que da la teta…Arepita de cebada pa’ papá que da empanada”. This small board book, illustrated by Rosana Faría, invites you to share with young kids this beautiful traditional Venezuelan song and to discover every family member through a picnic day. Mas Detalles

Issun Bôshi

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Once upon a time there were a couple of peasants, without children, that hopefully sang: “We want a kid, even if it’s small, very small”. Their wish became true and Issun Bôshi (the kid that isn’t bigger than a thumb) was born. The small kid decides to go to the city, where he lives very happy moments. A giant chases him, but Issun Bôshi is clever. This book is based on a Japanese folk tale. Mas Detalles

La Sayona y otros cuentos de espantos

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Whether in the Amazonian rain forest, the warm seaside or the grassland plains, Venezuelan folk tradition is filled with spooky tales of ghosts, spirits and monsters. Real stories that have been told from generation to generation, indigenous tales and urban legends form this anthology for young people with carefully crafted illustrations by artist Stefano Di Cristofaro who used chimó, a derivate from tobacco, as painting. There’s a non-fiction section at the end with interesting facts about the origins of the tales, the objects, the traditions and the characters found in them. Mas Detalles