Veo veo. El arte de Socorro Salinas

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Find the characters, small stories and objects hidden inside the paintings of Socorro Salinas. Every picture is filled with details that will delight the curious readers. There are endless possibilities to find and retell the pictures’ stories through renowned Venezuelan artist Socorro Salina’s paintings. Mas Detalles

Cuentos del bosque

When Emilio hears from his mother that spring has arrived, he wonders: where should he find the spring? Along with his younger sister, he’ll discover that the spring isn’t very far from his house. It’s in the forest, a magical place filled with all kinds of adventures. A poetic tale about seasons, by Leticia Ruifernández, who is herself an expert on the secrets of the woods. Mas Detalles

Concierto para escalera y orquesta

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A couple wants to attend a concert, but there’s just one problem: the building’s stairs have left! While they manage to find a solution, the concert goes on. Antonio Orlando Rodríguez presents a compelling story filled with absurd humor. Carol Hénaff’s illustrations complement the original format of the book, very long and narrow, just like a stair. Mas Detalles

SOS Televisión

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The Domínguez family is absolutely shocked when their main entertainment source, the television, breaks down. What could they possibly do while the TV technichian arrives? A book filled with intelligence and humor. When the television screen is off, the family circle is on. Mas Detalles

Imágenes de Santiago de León de Caracas

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From the first indigenous inhabitants of the valley to today’s populous city, Santiago de León de Caracas has always been the scene of important historical events. Nowadays, the city has expanded over the valley like an “electric butterfly”, but its streets remain filled with legends, stories and traditions. This book tells the captivating story of Caracas with endearing and historical illustrations. Mas Detalles

El ogro de Zeralda

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Every morning a hideous ogre terrorizes a village to devour small children. In order to protect them, the villagers hide their sons and daughters. However, far away from the village, little Zeralda has never heard about the horrifying ogre, until one day they cross each other’s path in a very unexpected and delicious way. Mas Detalles

Taquititán de poemas

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Poetry for children has always been a delicate subject in literature, but in this beautiful anthology all readers will succumb to it. Endearing, colorful illustrations for small children mixed with carefully selected poems about animals, sea, lunch time and other subjects fill the pages of this book. The result is a sensitive, smart and appealing approach to poetry by the hand of Latin American poets. Mas Detalles

Doña Eremita, reina de la carretera

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Unconventional Doña Eremita gets an old car from a relative and decides to take it for a spin along with her loyal dog Mambrú. During the bumpy ride, one crash after another, the car loses its mudguard, bumpers, bonnet… Until it turns into a very unexpected shape that will finally make Doña Eremita the true queen of the road. Mas Detalles

Yo puedo

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An older brother is capable of doing many things all by himself: he can swim, paint, get dressed and climb into bed without any help. His little sister tries to prove that she can do everything almost as well as her brother can. This delightful picture book presents some of the nicest things about having a little sister. Mas Detalles

Yo también

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A little girl is delighted by her older brother’s company. He’s the one who shows her how to play with blocks, read books, dress up and jump the rope. But having a little sister also has its advantages. This engaging picture book celebrates the special friendship shared by siblings. Mas Detalles

Minilibros Clave de sol

This tiny collection gathers in a small box the seven books of the Clave de sol series with illustrated songs. Mi burro enfermo, Chumba la cachumba, Yo tenía 10 perritos, Mambrú se fue a la guerra, Juguemos en el bosque, Estaba el señor Don Gato and La pulga y el piojo . Mas Detalles

Tú no me vas a creer

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Sometimes, specially in the dark of the night, fantasies can have lives of their own. It usually happens when we are scared of the bogeyman, who will come and take us away, and when we need someone to protect us. This poem, with fabulous oniric illustrations by Irene Savino, gives a very special life to the darkest fears of childhood. Mas Detalles