¡Voy a jugar!

Whent Tatú, the little armadillo, comes out to play, he curls up into a ball. The hummingbird, the toucan, the tapir and the ocelot wonder what this round thing may be. When he uncurls, his friends recognize him and invite him to play. A funny story for babies about a game full of surprises. Mas Detalles

Imágenes de Cumaná

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Cumaná inhabitants have a characteristic mischief and joy that has marked historically this Venezuelan city. Although it has suffered many unfortunate events, Cumaná has risen once and again with stubborness, keeping itself as a water city between the sea and the river, its fishers and its swimmers, and their beautiful anecdotes from the times of the Guaiqueríes tribe until these days. Mas Detalles

El Sol, la Luna y el Agua

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Long, long ago, when animals used to talk, the Sun and the Moon lived on earth. Their best friend was Water and they used to play together in her house everyday. But Water never went to the Sun and the Moon’s house. Until one day she came to visit… A well-known Nigerian folktale in a version which includes short verses that can be sung. Ángeles Vargas vivid illustrations give life to these strong and compelling characters. Mas Detalles


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If our planet has more sea than land, then why don’t we call it planet Sea? We may not be able to change what’s in the dictionaries and geography books.This is our tribute to this big pool of adventure and imagination, nonetheless. Sea is a book with a concept called Actividary (activities + abecedary) which discusses the sea while presenting practical activities to do in school or at home. Mas Detalles

Eros y psique / Bella y la bestia

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Two literature classics, which have been told, written, heard and read, in many different versions.This edition includes a final text by specialist Betsy Hearne about the intertwining of these two and other love tales of universal literature. Mas Detalles

El diablillo de la botella

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Keawe buys a mysterious bottle with an imp from a wealthy man inside. Whoever buys this bottle will have everything he could ever dream of: “love, fame, money, a house like this one will be his, with only asking”. But it comes with a price… Mas Detalles

Memorias de una abuela apostadora

The grandma of this story is different. Not many grandmas teach their granddaughters how to play poker, or what to do in case of a Cossacks invasion. Together grandma and granddaughter go to the movies, to amusement parks and drink tea at a Chinese food restaurant, but what the girl enjoy the most is to listen the anecdotes of her extraordinary grandmothers’ life. This is an off-beat, heartwarming tale, selected asone of the Best Children’s Book 1986 by The New York Times and Notable Children’s Book 1986 by the American Library Association. Mas Detalles


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Rogelio Corcel and his horse Dadá are show-jumping champions. They made such an incredible team that they are almost invisibles. One day, Dadá seems to lose his abilities. It would be necessary to found out the cause of this sudden failure. Maybe the solution is a first glance. Mas Detalles

Hamamelis, Miosotis y el señor Sorpresa

Hamamelis and Miosotis are very good friends. They visit each other and always have hot cocoa or milk with sugar. But this time, they both are a little sad: Miosotis’ slippers are so old they have holes, and the handle fell from Hamamelis’ cup. Luckily, it is that time of the year where Mr. Surprise will come and give them presents. So, each one writes a secret letter with their desired gift…A lovely story about true friendship.
Mas Detalles

La gran canoa

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A long time ago, Kaputano, dweller of the heavens, warned that a great rain was coming. He urged the Kariñas to help him build a canoe and gather seeds and animals, but only four couples agreed to help, as the rest didn’t listen to him. Soon, the rains covered even the tallest trees. This is a traditional story by the indigenous Kariña people in Venezuela, illustrated by Gloria Calderón who masterfully depicts their landscapes, animals and ways of living.
Mas Detalles

Conoce los peces tropicales

Did you know that mantas rays make deadly leaps out of water? It is true that frogfishes use a fishing rod? It is the whale shark the largest fish in the world? Why are divers scared of barracudas? It is true that the male seahorse incubates his own eggs? This book includes scientific and curious information in 47 delightful images to color. An introduction to preserve the most emblematic species of sea and river fishes. Mas Detalles

Conoce las aves tropicales

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Did you know that orioles “refurbish” abandoned old nests to live in them? It is true that flamingos sleep on their feet? How nightjars trick their predators? Can great kiskadees frighten away falcons? Why are red siskins in danger of extinction? This book includes scientific and curious information in 47 delightful images of birds to color. An introduction to wildlife conservation. Mas Detalles